The Honours Student Council (HSC)

Do you

  • Need information?
  • Have a complaint?
  • Want to make sure the courses you follow are properly evaluated?
  • Have ideas on how to improve the Honours Programme?

The Honours Student Council (HSC) is part of Extensus and is responsible for evaluating and preserving the quality of the Honours programme through its annual survey. In addition, the HSC in collaboration with all the Honours students wants to secure the Honours Programme's reputation of excellence. Furthermore, we want to create a communication network between all the different Honours programs between the the VU, the UVA and the AUC. We are trying to reach this goal through our regular meetings with the VU-UVA Honours commission, to express the Honours student's opinions and help further improve the current programme.

Our mission is
  • Building a strong student communication platform between VU, UvA and AUC
  • Strive towards equality between VU and UvA concerning the Honours Programme
  • Participate in policy making by membership of the VU-UvA Honours Committee
  • Gaining student's opinions about topical interest, content and quality of the Honours Programm

Members Honours Student Council 2018-2019

 Council 2018-2019

  • PR officer: Roxanne Hoogervorst (Bachelor student Criminology at the VU)
  • Chairman: Koen Donatz (Master student International Relations at the UvA)
  • University Officer UvA/VU: Nadia Bosma (Bacher student Law at the VU)
  • Secretary: Rhianne Houston (Master student Investigative Criminology at the VU)