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dr. Cong-rui QIAO

Research Associate, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Beliefs and Practices

Research Associate, CLUE+

Personal information

Co-organiser and commentator for EnRol!

EnRol! is the webinar series for everyone interested in the latest developments in human rights and the rule of law, which invites female role models, scholars and practitioners to discuss human rights and rule of law matters from around the world. 


Hello, world! I'm a socio-legal researcher and lecturer, experienced in combining socio-legal theories with computational methods to explain governance digitalisation and law – historically and comparatively.

As a cross-disciplinary and comparative researcher, I'm currently producing articles on two issues:

  • the interplay between AI technologies and State governance, focusing on the AI application by government and judicial bodies (e.g. the e-Justice initiatives and e-measures for law enforcement in the EU and China);

  • the data-processing partnership between public and private bodies, comparing their formal and substantive reasonableness in the EU and China.


As an interactive, innovative and students-oriented lecturer, I hold strong interests and experiences in designing and teaching governance and law courses at the bachelor and master levels, such as:

  • Law and Governance in Today’s China, the Antwerp Transnational Law and Governance Program (LLM, international students), 2022

  • Law, Governance and Human Rights in China, the VU Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Honours Program (Bachelor, international students), 2021


My academic services also extend to:

  • Managing Editor for the peer-reviewed academic journal the Cross Cultural Human Rights Review that connects cross-cultural human rights scholarship (especially from Global South) to the Northern and global readership;

  • Co-organiser and commentator for a public engagement series European Network for Rule of Law (EnRol!) where female academics and practitioners are regularly invited to share their observations on the rule of law and human rights situations in the Global South.

Apart from research work, I have designed and been offering a multi-disciplinary course “Law, Governance and Human Rights in Today’s China” to VU and UvA postgraduate and undergraduate students since 2020.

This course is one of the few university offerings from which students can learn about not only the legal and governance systems in China, but also its political, historical and social contexts as a whole.

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dr. Cong-rui QIAO



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