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Welkom bij de School of Business and Economics!

Ga je binnenkort starten met je (pre)masterprogramma aan de School of Business and Economics? Dan is er een aantal zaken die je moet regelen voor de start van het academische jaar, zoals je aanmelding afronden en je op tijd inschrijven voor je vakken.
Onze masters zijn allemaal Engelstalig. Daarom vind je alle praktische informatie die je nodig hebt om goed te beginnen aan je master in het engels.

Kom je er niet uit of heb je vragen? Neem dan contact op met de Studentenbalie via

Belangrijke informatie voor je aan je studie begint

  • Track the status of your application in VUweb

    Make sure that you have fully registered for your programme by 31 August 2021 at the latest. This means completing your application in VUweb. In VUweb you can see which requirements or obligations you still need to meet using the status overview. You are only fully registered if you see that the status reads ‘registered’ under the 'my courses' section in Studielink.

    When you have fully registered, you will receive Proof of Registration and a student card (provided that you have uploaded a photo to VUweb) within 2 to 4 weeks.

    Do you have any questions about your application? Please contact the Central Student Desk

  • VUweb

    VUweb is the digital environment of Vrije Universiteit. On VUweb you find everything you need to successfully complete your programme. This includes:

    • your personal timetable indicating times and locations of courses and exams
    • Canvas announcements for your specific programme
    • your results
    • courses you have registered for
  • Course and exam registration

    For all courses in the Master programmes, you need to register in advance in order to be allowed to follow the course. At VU Amsterdam you always need to personally register for all your courses through VUweb. Registering for courses is only possible after your application is complete. Your application is complete when you see green check marks on all sections on your application page. 

    You can login via VUweb (To enter VUweb you need your VUweb ID, which is sent to you by email when you applied for the programme).

    Once logged in, go to Register for Courses and Exams. To find out what courses you need to register for, go to your specific Master programme or check the study guide. We advise you to register for all your courses in the first period at once. Registration for courses in period 1 is already possible. The registration for courses given in the second period is possible starting on September the 14th.

    Please note: If you do not register in time, it is not possible to participate in a particular course or take the exam. When you register for a course, please make sure that you enroll for the first exam possibility for that course.  Registration always ends 3 weeks before a new period starts and enrolment after the deadline is not possible. Exam-only registration and registration for resits closes two weeks before the day the exam takes place. Make sure that you register for your courses before the deadline. All information about registering for courses can be found here.

    All course activities that you have personally registered for will appear in your personal schedule on VUweb. Please check your personal schedule every day because it informs you of important information such as schedule changes.

  • Study Books

    New students do not receive a list with literature. At the VU-bookstore they know what literature you will need. The mandatory literature can also be found in the study guide and the course manual  of the courses. The course manual can be found in each course in Canvas. 

    Members of Aureus receive a discount on their books. You can become a member of Aureus here.

  • Questions?

    More information about the courses can be found in the study guide

    The academic calendar 2021/2022 provides information on semester dates, exam and resit dates and collective holidays.

    Do you have any questions about your application? Please contact the Central Student Desk.

Opleidingspecifieke informatie

  • Economics or Public Policy

    In the week before classes start on Monday September 6, we offer a short refresher course on economics and math. This refresher course is not compulsory, but useful to update your background knowledge before the start of the lectures. The refresher course takes place between Tuesday August 31 and Thursday September 2. The refresher offers a number of modules and you are free to choose which modules you take. To register for participation in the refresher course, go to the Canvas page using There you can also indicate which modules you will follow. You need your VUnet-login, which you also used for your application, to register. All information on the refresher course will be added to the Canvas page. We expect that the refresher course (as well as all teaching next academic year) can take place offline on campus.

    You can find our getting started document here. This document provides lots of useful information about the MSc economics and public policy programs. Please take a good look at this document.

    Furthermore, a few students have already started a Facebook group titled VU MSc Economics 2021-2022. You can join this group.

  • Finance

    This fall, you will be able to indicate your choice for ONLINE or ON-SITE form for the courses offered in periods 3 and 4. In periods 5 and 6 you will write your thesis individually, so there is no difference between being physically present in Amsterdam or not.

    If you choose to be an ONLINE student, you comply with the following:

    • You will follow all lectures and tutorials online.
    • When registering for courses in VUweb, choose the tutorial for each course that is offered ONLINE. This is clearly indicated for each option.
    • Exams will take place ONLINE. By choosing ONLINE you explicitly accept the possibility of ONLINE PROCTORING examinations, or other online forms in which an invigilator will watch your activities during the exam.
    • In case you reside in the Netherlands, the online proctoring option is not available due to legal restrictions. You will have to come to the VU Amsterdam campus to take final exams for each course.
    • It is your responsibility to have proper technical equipment. This means a fast and stable internet connection, a working camera, a working microphone, and a machine that is fast enough to run advanced calculations.
    • Certain electives are not available HyFlex: the learning line “Real Estate Finance” as well as the electives in period 5 (Bank Management and Quantitative Financial Risk Management) will NOT be available online. See the attached annual schedule for details.

    Through THIS survey, you can indicate whether you will be ONLINE for the courses offered in periods 1 and 2. Note, that this is a BINDING choice; you cannot switch back and forth between online an campus activities during period 1 and 2 (you will be able to switch again though starting in period 3). The deadline is August 15.

    If you do NOT fill out the survey, I will assume you will be an ON-SITE student in periods 1 and 2; ON-SITE is the default option.

    See the annual schedule for more information

  • Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics

    Read more information here.

  • Digital Business & Innovation

    On this page, we give you some pointers for an optimal preparation to the new academic year:

    • In the program, you're expected to read quite a number of academic articles - say weekly between 5-20. You're expected to know them in advance of the lectures and be able to participate in discussions about them and/or present them. A few examples of such articles are the following:
      • Bharadwaj, A., El Sawy, O. A., Pavlou, P. A., & Venkatraman, N. V. (2013). Digital business strategy: toward a next generation of insights. MIS Quarterly 37(2).
      • Yoo, Y., Boland Jr, R.J., Lyytinen, K. and Majchrzak, A., 2012. Organizing for innovation in the digitized world. Organization Science, 23(5), 1398-1408.
      • Orlikowski, W. (1992). The Duality of Technology: Rethinking the Concept of Technology in Organizations. Organization Science, 3(3), 398-427.
    • You're expected to be able to write academic English in all of the courses - either solo or as part of a small team. Here you can find important hints and tips on how to do this well:
    • From January onwards, you'll be expected to work on your individual research project (thesis), which requires an empirical study. If you feel that your research method skills have been ignored or forgotten a bit, you are invited to look into these online courses:
    • Surround yourself with other students as much as possible, to make the most out of the program, by studying and having fun together.
    • And, in general, please don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. We will also have an Open Office each Wednesday between 12.30-13.30 (online and/or at VU).