National GI Minor

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

The National Geo Information Minor offers the possibility to deepen your
knowledge of the application of geo information within your own field of
study or interests. You can choose from several specializations at 6
universities and a wide range of internships at corporations and
government bodies. The use of geo information has seen a huge rise in a
growing number of domains. Economy (geomarketing), ICT, policy, health
care, spatial planning and urban renewal are just a few examples.

The National GI Minor allows students to develop their skills in
Geographic Information Science and focuses on learning by doing. The
students are challenged to become independent researchers as they design
and carry out various research assignments independently. A highlight of
the minor is a 2 month internship at a societal host (company or
government) where students help the host answer geographic questions
using geospatial data and technology.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
GI Research Assignment Period 2+3 12.0 AB_1088
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