Stochastics and Financial Mathematics MSc

The field of Stochastics covers the areas of science that are concerned with processes in which chance plays a central role.

Usually the field is subdivided into Statistics, Probability Theory and Stochastic Operations Research. Financial Mathematics is an important field of applications of stochastics. The mathematical point of view for questions in finance has its own virtue and is an interesting subject of research. In view of the relevance of the numerous areas of research in which stochastics is applied, and in view of the reach of these areas of research and their challenging theoretical problems, this master offers a broad spectrum of possible specializations. The theoretically inclined, as well as the more applied master student, will have the possibility to choose a program adapted to his/her personal interests.

The Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics (UvA) and the Department of Mathematics (VU) of the two universities in Amsterdam, and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Utrecht (UU) have joined forces to offer this two year master in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics. The program offers the possibility to specialize in Statistics, Probability Theory, Financial Mathematics or Stochastic Operations Research.

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