M Hydrology year 1

The MSc Hydrology is a two year program. The first year of the program
consists completely of compulsory courses that are distributed over the
two teaching lines (1) Process Hydrology (2) Water Risk. Here the
students get acquainted with several key components of the hydrological
system (e.g. catchment hydrology, ecohydrology, groundwater etc.), as
well as their links to society (explicit in e.g. Water Economics and
Integrated Modelling in Hydrology courses). At the end of the year the
students learn how to perform measurements, and then apply these
themselves in a field study (including 3-4 week field trip) which is
aimed at teaching the students to collect data themselves, formulate and
find answers to hypothesis, and link the various subsystems in hydrology
and their ties to societal issues.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Catchment Response Analysis Period 1 6.0 AM_450003
Ecohydrology Period 1 6.0 AM_450014
Climate Hydrological Processes Period 2 6.0 AM_1196
Water Quality Period 2 6.0 AM_1166
Integrated Modeling in Hydrology Period 3 6.0 AM_1165
Groundwater Processes Period 4 6.0 AM_1164
Water Economics Period 4 6.0 AM_1167
Measuring Techniques in Hydrology Period 5 6.0 AM_1168
Field Course Hydrology Period 5+6 12.0 AM_1169
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