Master Econometrics and Operations Research - Track Econometrics - Specialization Quantitative Economics

The Quantitative Economics specialization dives into the cross-roads of
applied econometrics and economics and offers the student the challenge
to explore the active research fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics
and/or macro-finance. Quantitative Economics connects many academic
disciplines including mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and
business studies, and is primarily concerned with using economic theory
and statistical techniques to analyse economic data. This specialization
offers you the chance to explore the intersection of economics and
econometrics. This study will enhance your analytical skills, will
invest in your quantitative insights, will introduce you to a scientific
approach of analytical thinking and will generally broaden your
quantitative horizons. It will teach you how to analyse and model
economic data, how to carry out statistical hypothesis tests, how to
investigate theoretical properties of estimators and predictors, how to
design an empirical study, how to interpret quantitative results, how to
present the results of an econometric analysis, how to deduct
conclusions and policy advice from a quantitative analysis. Each year we
attract around 75 students from which 50% are international students. We
offer a high-quality and challenging teaching program with excellent
teachers. The job perspectives of Quantitative Economics students are
excellent in all times.
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