Master Econometrics and Operations Research - Track Econometrics - Specialization Financial Econometrics

The Financial Econometrics specialization is a hands-on study into
econometric methods used on a daily basis in the financial industry that
will let you become the quantitative financial specialist and that will
place you at the forefront of a successful professional career.
Financial Econometrics connects different academic disciplines including
mathematics, statistics, finance, and business studies, and is primarily
concerned with the use of financial economic theory and statistical
techniques to support financial decision and policy making through the
analysis of financial and economic data sets. The econometric methods
can be used to analyse financial risk, investment strategies, financial
economic policy, monetary policy, high-frequency trading, capital
markets, financial stability, and many other topics. A programme that
will enhance your analytical skills, will invest in your quantitative
insights, will learn you how to design and apply econometric methods in
a finance context, how to analyse financial data, how to use statistical
tools for financial questions of relevance, how to approach big data
problems, how to interpret quantitative results, how to present the
results of an econometric analysis, how to deduct conclusions and to
make financial decisions from a quantitative analysis. Each year we
attract around 75 students from which 50% are international students. We
offer a high-quality and challenging teaching program with excellent
teachers. The job perspectives of Financial Econometrics students are
excellent in all times.
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