Honours Programme Operations Research

For talented and ambitious students the master’s programme offers an
extra opportunity to distinguish themselves with the MSc Honours
Programme Operations Research. This Honours Programme allows master’s
students to broaden and deepen their knowledge on state-of-the-art
operations research techniques.

The programme has a study load of 18 EC and consists of two master’s
courses from the program of the LNMB (6 EC per course) and the 'OR
research seminar' (6 EC) organized by the OR-group of the department of
Econometrics and Operations Research at VU University. The LNMB provides
a great variety of high-level courses on deterministic and stochastic
operations research. Students can choose LNMB master’s courses
according to their interest. The OR research seminar will run from
September to April. Form and contents of the OR research seminar will
depend on the students interests and ambitions. The aim of this seminar
is to train students to write a PhD grant proposal enabling them to
continue their studies as a PhD.

The honours programme is successfully completed if the student has
finished the master’s programme within one year and, in addition, has
successfully finished all courses of the honours programme. The
successful completion of the honours programme will be recorded in the
Diploma Supplement.
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Honours Programme Operations Research - Obligatory course VU E_EORM_HPOOV
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