M Biomedical Sciences research specialisations year 1 and/or 2

First and/or second year Research specializations (54-60 EC):
Infectious Diseases

The prescribed scope of a research specialization is 54-60 EC.
A research specialization therefore includes:
• a research internship (30 EC)
• at least 3 courses from the specialization (18 EC)
• a choice (6-12EC) from:
o literature thesis in the field of the specialization (9 EC)*;
o an extra optional course from the specialization (6 EC)
o an extension of the internship (3-6 EC)**
* When the student chooses one research specialization, the subject of
literature thesis has to lie within the field of this specialization (9
** The total EC for both internships together may not exceed 66EC.

The programme is completed with the compulsory general courses (6 EC)
and a second specialization of 54-60 EC.
Name course part Code Pdf
M Biomedical Sciences specialisation Immunology AM_BMED_I
M Biomedical Sciences specialisation Infectious Diseases AM_BMED_ID
M Biomedical Sciences specialisation Neurobiology AM_BMED_NB
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