Bachelor Philosophy, Politics and Economics Year 1

Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Ethics (PPE) Period 1 6.0 W_JSM_101
Methods of PPE I Period 1 6.0 W_JSM_102
Foundations of Microeconomics (PPE) Period 2 6.0 W_JSM_108
Political Science: State, Power, Conflict (PPE) Period 2 6.0 W_JSM_104
PPE in Practice I: Wellbeing, Politics and Markets Period 3 6.0 W_JSM_105
History of Philosophy (PPE) Period 4 6.0 W_JSM_106
Methods of PPE II Period 4 6.0 W_JSM_107
Comparative Politics (PPE) Period 5 6.0 W_JSM_109
Development of Macroeconomic Thought (PPE) Period 5 6.0 W_JSM_103
PPE in Practice II: From Theory to Practice Period 6 6.0 W_JSM_110
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