Communication and Information Studies (Ba)

As of September 2018, five new tracks will be taught in the Communication and Information Studies program, two of which are completely English taught. These tracks will be introduced gradually, which means that for the next three years our program will consist of a mix of the ‘old’ program and the new program. Students will always participate in a coherent program: either the old or the new program. In the first year of the new program, all lectures will be in English and the seminars will be both in Dutch and in English.

1st year
In the first year, students take four general courses on Language, Communication, and Media as well as three courses in which they practice their academic skills. These courses are: Introduction to Linguistics; Introduction to Communication Studies; Language, Media and Communication; Discourse Analysis; Academic Skills; Academic English; Methods. At the end of March, students will choose a track and take three more courses to complete their first year. These belong to one of the five tracks and are either taught in English or in Dutch (depending on the track they belong to). These are the tracks:
• Language, Media and Society (Dutch)
• Language & Media (English)
• Journalism (Dutch)
• English Language and Communication Studies (Dutch program but a majority of the courses are taught in English)
• Language Learning and Language Teaching (English)

2nd and 3rd year
The second and third year of the program will be in Dutch in 2018-2019. For more information on these years, please consult the Dutch study guide.

Programme Overview (Year 1)

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