Minor American Studies

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to www.minor.vu.nl/en/ for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
American Literature 1776-1914 Period 1 6.0 L_ELBALES210
Introduction to American Studies Period 1 6.0 L_ELBAELK206
Social History of the United States Period 1 6.0 L_GEBAALG003
American Film: Cinematic Representations of the "Other" Period 2 6.0 L_ELBAELK208
American Literature 1914-present Period 2 6.0 L_ELBALES211
The Heart of Capitalism: Amsterdam, London, New York Period 2+3 6.0 L_GEBAALG007
The United States South, 1800-1970 Period 2+3 6.0 L_GEBAALG005
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