Global Health MSc

In the Research Master’s in Global Health, students embark on an intensive study of cross-cutting aspects of health systems. They will obtain the latest insights, as well as design and implement interventions and innovation strategies to address these health challenges.

The programme focuses on teaching the knowledge, skills and attitude to (1) analyse complex national and international health challenges by drawing from a range of disciplines, and (2) design, implement and evaluate integral strategies for intervention in order to meet complex global health challenges. Building  on systems thinking and research that combines and transcends individual disciplines, the programme offers an intensive study of multiple aspects of health systems, including burden of disease, finance, regulatory mechanisms, power constellations, the network society and change management.

The Research Master’s programme provides the opportunity to participate in one of the state-of-the-art global health research programmes that the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) runs on six continents. Students can customize their programme by selecting electives, a literature review and research projects that reflect their interests.

The year schedule can be found at the FALW-website.
Further information about the MSc programme Global Health.
A complete programme description can be found at the FALW-website.

M Global Health (research)
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