Economics (MSc)

The Master's programme in Economics is a high quality one-year programme designed for the professional economist. Questions illustrating the range of problems addressed by economics are for instance: How effective are large-scale public-sector retraining programmes in reducing unemployment? Why does poverty persist? How effective are government interventions designed to assist households exposed to income shocks? Does economic development imply the deterioration of the environment and bio-diversity, and how might this affect welfare in its broader sense? The Master's programme in Economics will equip students with the essential tools of economics and teach them how to apply these tools in real-life situations.

The Master Economics is a one year programme en consists of 60 EC.

By choosing a fixed combination of electives, in combination with a suitable thesis topic, you can opt for one of the four areas of specialization (Developmental Economics, Global Challenges, International and Macroeconomic Policy, or Public Policy). However, as specializations are optional combinations of courses, you may freely pick and mix elective courses from the four specializations, and from an extended list of courses, possibly to broaden their academic interest rather than studying one specialization in depth. In this case, no specialization will be mentioned on the diploma supplement. In addition, one of the three elective courses may be chosen from outside this list, for instance from related, other master-level courses and courses taught outside the faculty. This choice is subject to prior approval by the examination board. By choosing a certain fixed combinations of electives you can opt for an area of specialization. But you may also choose for no specialization.

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