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White Coat Ceremony

Last updated on 22 September 2021

The graduation ceremony of the Bachelor of Medicine is a festive occasion. This is called the White Coat ceremony. With the white coat ceremony, the VU medical center marks the transition from the more theoretical to the practical phase of the study. For example, students emphasize the start of their patient contacts.

During this white coat ceremony, they also pronounce a yeartext: how they want to function as a doctor, which responsibilities, ideals and obligations they attach to their profession and how they wish to convey them. They do this in front of family, friends, doctors and representatives of medical education. The purpose of the ceremony is to provide more insight into and awareness of being a doctor for both the student and the trainer.

As the wearer of the white coat, you promise to wear the white coat in good conscience with a self-written text, comparable to the Hippocratic oath of Kos. You indicate how you as a future doctor will treat patients and how you practice your profession.