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Exchange step 5: scholarships

Ask your question about grants and scholarships
Last updated on 28 November 2022
If you are going to take part in an exchange or internship abroad, you can apply for a scholarship. The university offers several scholarships.

Besides VU Amsterdam, there are also external organizations that can provide grants and scholarships. Most scholarships will only cover a portion of the expenses associated with an exchange and will certainly not cover all of them.

Information on exchange scholarships

  • Exchange within Europe

    Erasmus+ scholarship for study

    Requirements and application

    • You have to be selected for exchange at a VU partner university in Europe.
    • You will receive an email with information about the application and the documents that you will need.

    In general 

    • The amount of funding that you will receive depends upon the country you are going to and varies between €240 and €360 per month.
    • You are entitled to one Erasmus+ scholarship at every degree level of your studies.

    Extra funding on top of the Erasmus+ Grant

    Erasmus+ Inclusion top-up

    In line with the national guidelines we are able to offer the Erasmus+ inclusion top-up to Erasmus+ students in 2022-2023. This top-up is for students who belong to one or more of these groups:

    1. Students with Disabilities or Health problems
    2. Students with Economic barriers with a DUO supplementary grant

    In case you belong to one or both of these groups AND you are able to provide the Erasmus+ office the supporting documents with your Erasmus+ application, you qualify for the Erasmus+ inclusion top-up of 250 euros [1] per month, besides your standard Erasmus+ funding.

    At the end of May, Erasmus+ students will receive further instructions from our Erasmus+ office on how to apply for the Erasmus+ grant and the additional top-up. When applying for the Erasmus+ grant and the inclusion top-up the following supporting documents must be handed in:

    1. Students from group 1: a medical statement from a doctor
    2. Students from group 2: an official statement from DUO with the confirmation of being awarded the supplementary grant  for the calendar year in which you will study a semester abroad

    Erasmus+ Special Needs Supplement

    Next to the inclusion top-up, there is also additional funding available for students belonging to group 1 who are expecting additional costs of studying abroad, such as wheelchair-accessible accommodation or additional medical costs. More information about the Erasmus+ Special Needs supplement can be found here.

    Students are allowed to combine the Erasmus+ Special Needs supplement with the Inclusion top-up.

    We would like to encourage all students with fewer opportunities to apply for a study abroad, and hope this additional funding will help you. In case you are still in doubt regarding your application for a study abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    [1] Students selected for an exchange in Fall 2022 to one of our UK partners (except University of Bristol) will make use of old Erasmus+ funding, and will be able to apply for the Erasmus inclusion top-up of 180 euros per month in case they belong to Group 2: students with economic barriers with a DUO supplementary grant.


  • Exchange outside Europe

    There are a limited number of GLOBE scholarships available for students who are selected for an exchange to a non-EU partner.

    VU International Office will make a selection of students who can apply for this scholarship. We will use the score of the scorecard that we used during the selection phase. We will send an email to the students that can apply for this scholarship. They can apply for the scholarship in VUnet. If you did not receive an email, your scholarship application will be declined.

    Grant amount
    The grant amount will be around € 1250 in total.
    More information about the GLOBE scholarship.

    Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP)
    We have HSP scholarships available for students who are selected for an exchange in Indonesia and South Africa. If there are any scholarships left, students selected for Beijing University of Technology (BJUT, China, Beijing), HEC Montréal (Montréal, Canada) or Simon Fraser University (British Colombia, Canada) also have a chance at a HSP scholarship.

    We will send an e-mail to these students to inform them about the scholarship in May or June. After receiving this e-mail, you will be able to apply for the HSP scholarship. Without an invitation, your scholarship application will be rejected.

    Scholarship amount
    The scholarship amount is € 1250 in total.
    More information about HSP.

  • Applying for a scholarship

    • If you are going on exchange in Europe, you will receive an Erasmus+ scholarship. We will send you an email with information on how to apply for the scholarship together with the necessary documents at the beginning of April. For details please see Erasmus+ scholarship to study in Europe.
    • When you are selected for a scholarship GLOBE your will be invited by email to apply for the scholarship. Please see here for more information about the Globe Scholarship.
    • HSP: In April you will be invited by email to apply for this grant. 
    • More information about the HSP scholarship more information about HSP
    • Erasmus+ internship
    • Fondsendesk

    FGB Travel Expenses Scholarship

    Students of the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences may be eligible for the FGB Travel Cost Fund, and have to make a request for it. 

  • Other scholarships for studying abroad

  • Insurances

    When you choose to embark on a trip abroad for either study or internship purposes, then it is paramount that you have arranged your insurance matters well. The requirements differ per country of placement, but we do recommend that you consider to take out a supplementary insurance, special declarations of your insurance company and a liability insurance.