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Academic Advisor Faculty of Medicine

Last updated on 8 December 2022
You can consult academic advisors for questions about personal tutoring and study advice.

Academic advice 

Academic advisors assist Medicine students and students of the Master Oncology, Cardiovasculair research and Epidemiology. The faculty of Medicine has three academic advisors: Marjolein Pouw, Renate Dekker en Ciska Heuvelman.  All conversations with academic advisors are strictly confidential.

The advisors can provide information and advice on: 

Contact details


You can contact the academic advisors by email: Always include your full name and student number.

Consult an advisor

To make an appointment click here. It is possible to make a (video)call appointment on all working days. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays it is possible to schedule an appointment at the faculty.

The academic advisors are absent from Monday the 26th of December until Monday the 2nd of January. 

Online drop-in sessions
Every Monday and Thursday from 14:00 - 15:00 there is an online drop-in session via Teams. Expect a conversation of ten minutes.

Drop-in session Monday 14:00-15:00
Drop-in session Thursday 14:00-15:00  

More information about the study advisors

  • Urgently need help?

    It is often possible to make an appointment the same week. Is there a personal or psychological emergency? Send us an e-mail ( so we can discuss the possibilities for an earlier appointment. Call your general practitioner in case of an immediate psychological emergency or – outside office hours – the Amsterdam general practice center, tel. 088-0030600. Are you considering suicide? You can reach 113 Suicide Prevention 24/7 is or 0900-0113.

  • Personal circumstances

    Life goes on, even for students! This means that there will be ups and downs, and most students will experience personal problems of one kind or another. Some will have more problems than others, some will face tougher problems, but problems there will be. Examples are a lack of self-confidence, bereavement, loneliness, relationship difficulties, addiction, somberness, or a general sense of dissatisfaction with yourself or your life. These problems can prevent you from functioning normally, and sometimes they will affect your studies, though not always.

    There are also more study-related problems such as fear of failure, stress, study motivation problems, exam anxiety, etc. If you face problems like these you are advised to ask for help.

    The study advisors can help you to find out what it is you need to study successfully. How can you stay focused? How can you be convinced that your worries or fears are unfounded? How can you combine your present living arrangements with the demands of studying? Who can you talk to about your sense of confusion? Moreover, the student counsellors can explain any applicable rules and procedures to you, such as the Examination Board’s transition rules, expiry of validity of exam marks, etc.

    If you are considering stopping for a while, they can help you to decide whether that is the best solution in your situation, or that other options might be available that you have not considered yet.

    Of course, if you want to talk to one of the student psychologists directly then this can always be arranged.

    Interesting links
    Below you will find some interesting links:

    • On the I-student website you will find interesting information if you are not doing well.
    • Go to the student health test website to compare your health with fellow students!
    • Do you have a disability? Then you will find tips and information about legislation on the Handicap + Study site. Also make an appointment with the study advisor to make a timely inventory of what you need and whether it can be arranged.
    • Nice site about professional behaviour: values ​​web.
    • The Kopstoring website is an interesting website for young people between 18-25 with parents with psychological or addiction problems.
    • Do you suffer from sleeping problems? Then view the website
    • Do you want to sleep well thanks to the sleep app? With this free app you get insight into your sleeping pattern.
    • Have you ever been so depressed that you no longer see life and do you ever think about suicide? You can contact the 113 Suicide Prevention Foundation anonymously 24/7 for telephone and online help. And please visit the academic advisor
    • Good site of the Amsterdam GPs:

    Ready for relaxation exercises? Then click on the links below:

  • Exemptions granted by the Examination Board

    The advisors advise the Board on individual student’s applications. If you wish to submit a request to the Examination Board, you are advised to contact one of the advisors first to find out if the Board is the right place for your application and whether your application letter meets the requirements.

  • Information lecture

  • In what cases do you have to go to the main building?

    If you hesitate where to go with your question, ask the academic advisors. First look at the regulations to see if your question is answered there. For general questions about the following you can also go to the main building: