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Study partner

Last updated on 8 October 2021

Via Students-4-Students @ VU you can get in touch with a study partner, a fellow student who can help you when you are having a difficult time or if you just can't manage on your own. You can also apply for a study partner if you need help with a disability.

Below you will find more information about who a study partner is for, what current calls from students there are, how you can become a study partner and interesting links to projects within and outside VU Amsterdam.

Information about study partners

  • Why a study partner?

    You can request a study partner for various reasons.

    For example:

    • you (sometimes) feel alone and find it difficult to connect with your fellow students and you think the step is too big to participate in student activities, a study partner can introduce you;
    • you have a disability and need practical support, a study partner can show you around VU Amsterdam and point out useful routes, special sanitary facilities, lifts, etc .;
    • you are the first in the family to study, you lack a frame of reference, a study partner can support you in everything that involves studying;

    If your question is not listed, but you think that a study partner can offer a solution for you, please email

  • How does it work

    First make an appointment for an introductory meeting by sending an email to If a study partner seems to be able to offer a solution, we will determine who is most suitable. Then we will invite you both to see if there is a good match, and you make concrete plans together. 

  • What can you expect from a study partner?

    A study partner

    • is there to stimulate and support you in studying or to activate you to take action yourself;
    • can refer you to professionals if you need special help, for example with personal problems or study skills;
    • adheres to the agreements you make together and may expect the same from you.

    How much time can you spend with a study partner?

    How much time you need from a study partner depends on your question. It is often more than enough to schedule one to two hours a week. Sometimes it is useful to keep in touch via WhatsApp or email.

  • How do you make an appointment?

    Now that VU Amsterdam is partially closed due to corona, it is good to know that you can still make an appointment with us. Send an email to

    Curious about experience stories and more information about students4students? Please take a look at our instagram page: students4studentsvu 

  • Current calls

    Below you will find the current calls from students looking for a study partner. If you want to place a call yourself, send an email to:

  • Become a study partner yourself?

    Do you want to become a study partner and help a student? Then sign up!

    What is the role of a study partner?

    For example:

    • help a student familiarize with VU Amsterdam
    • point a student to practical information 
    • refer a student to the correct persons or authorities within and / or outside VU Amsterdam
    • help a student get involved in student life
    • support and stimulate by listening and informing
    • encourage them to take on new challenges

    It is important that as a study partner you help the student to eventually be able to continue independently.

    What conditions do you have to meet as a study partner?

    You are at least a second-year VU Amsterdam student and you study almost nominally. We assume that you have at least one hour per week for a period of six to eight months. In addition, you will follow a workshop especially for study partners.

    Every year a workshop is organized for the study partners in which you are trained on coaching skills, among other things. You will also receive more background information about the students you can be linked to. In addition, as a study partner, you are offered an intervision meeting twice a year to see how things are going and to exchange experiences.

    How much time does it take?

    The time investment depends on the student's demand. On average this will be one to two hours per week.

    Will I be paid?

    Study partners work on a voluntary basis, but not without obligation.

    Who can I turn to for help and advice?

    You can always contact the study partner programme coordinator for help or advice. He or she will guide you with questions or if problems arise.

    What is the procedure?

    After you have made an appointment with the coordinator of the study partner programme, there will be an exploratory meeting. If a student has a question that suits you well, you will be called up for an introductory meeting with the student. When it is a match, you will make plans together.

    How do I register for an exploratory meeting?

    Would you like to become a study partner? Mail us to make an appointment for an exploratory meeting! Our email address is

  • Relevant links

    Refugee students

    Students affiliated with the UAF can also request a buddy via
    Students who are not affiliated with the UAF can request a study partner through the VU Amsterdam study partner programme.

    Study partner programme for international exchange students

    See the programme.

    Community Services (CSL)

    At Community Service Learning, you as a student use your academic skills in solving a social problem or issue, together with a social partner. Within VU Amsterdam, a number of great initiatives are currently underway in the field of Community Service Learning.

Want to know more? Or would you like to become a study partner?

Please mail us!