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Open Access publishing: you share, we take care

Interview with Jaap van Dieën, Professor of Biomechanics

Jaap van Dieën, Professor of Biomechanics, has been participating in the ‘You share, we take care’ project of the University Library since the beginning of 2019. ‘I used to publish ‘Green’ Open Access via the VU Research Portal,’ he explains. ‘It's great that I no longer have to upload PDFs myself; the library now does this automatically.’

Automatically six months after publication

‘Uploading your own PDFs to PURE (the VU Research Portal) is quite a lot of work if you don't do it regularly. In my busy job I sometimes forgot and that’s a pity. The University Library now automatically places the publisher's version of all my publications in the Research Portal six months after the first publication.’

As much Open Access as possible

Van Dieën's aim is to publish all of his work Open Access. ‘I think it is a shame that knowledge created with taxpayers' money disappears behind a payment wall. That's why I publish Open Access where possible: in OA Journals or via the VSNU Open Access Deals . At present, the high APC rates often charged by magazines are still a stumbling block. They take big chunks out of our budgets. So I welcome the support now being provided by the University Library through “You share, we take care” .’

Open access publishing is becoming more and more common within the Movement Sciences, says Van Dieën. ‘This is especially the case among the younger researchers; some senior researchers still dread the extra work, so “You share” is a godsend for them.’

Need for pre-registration guidelines

Pre-registration is also on the rise. ‘This is already required for clinical trials. Most of the research in my department is experimental. For this, pre- registration is not yet the norm, but it is becoming more and more common. Colleagues see it as extra work: they do not know where and how to do it. Or they fear others will hijack their research design. It would be nice if the University Library could issue guidelines on where and how best to arrange your pre- registration. Then more researchers would do it.’

Would you like to participate in ‘You share, we take care’?

Do you want participate too? Then use this form  to give the library permission to make your work Open Access via the VU Research Portal. The library then automatically places the publisher's version of all your academic publications in the VU Research Portal. The library starts with publications published after 1 January 2018.


Do you have any questions about the project? Then take a look at the Questions & Answers page for detailed information. You can also send an email to Arjan de Rooy, Open Access specialist at the University Library, via

Close-up portrait of smiling man with short grey hair and glasses by water

‘Fijn dat ik pdf’s niet zelf hoef te uploaden naar de VU Research Portal; dat de bibliotheek dit automatisch doet.’