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VU Amsterdam Research Fellowship (URF) is a programme developed for a select number of internationally renowned scientists at VU Amsterdam. It is a token of appreciation and a public tribute to the university’s most excellent scientists for their extraordinary research performances. These scientists will be entitled to reward the best student of their choice with a University Research Fellow which will carry their own name.

Appointment procedure

The attribution of the personal URF is reserved for leading scientists who are recognized by their peers for their extraordinary contributions to their disciplines through the receipt of the following grants or distinctions:

In September 2017, VU Amsterdam has ascribed URF to eleven academics. These academics are allowed to award URF fellowship to the best student of their choice, each year for the duration of their grant or distinction. In the academic year 2017/2018 these are the following couples:

• Professor of Biological Psychology Dorret Boomsma and Margot van de Weijer
• Professor in Molecular Cell Biology Yvette van Kooyk and Eveline Li
• Professor in Applied Social Psychology Bert Klandermans and Archana Ramanujam
• Professor of Theoretical Physics Piet Mulders and Philine van Vliet
• Professor of Experimental and Applied Psychology Jan Theeuwes and Vasiliki Kentrou
• Professor of Computational Lexicology Piek Vossen and Selene Báez Santamaría & Lenka Bajčetić
• University Professor of Nutrition and Health Jaap Seidell and Hester Coppoolse
• Professor in Functional genome analysis and Hanna Lammertse & Annemiek van Berkel
• University professor in Neuropsychology Jelle Jolles and Patricia Dreier Gligoor
• Professor of Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics Wim Ubachs and Meïssa Diouf
• Professor of Sleep and Cognition Eus van Someren and Jeanne Leerssen

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