Jelle Jolles

We are more than our brains

You may have a great brain, but without support, guidance and inspiration from others you won’t get far. Neuropsychologist Jelle Jolles who became a University Professor in 2013, focuses on optimum development with the aim of helping young people reach their full potential. Inspiring teaching and a good education are an indispensable part of this process.

In our modern age, we can see the workings of the human brain as it tackles an arithmetical problem. Neuroimaging enables us to take a snapshot of this activity. We know more and more about how the brain works, how it develops and what can go wrong. Professor Jelle Jolles, has made a major personal contribution to this area over the past 30 years with the research departments he has founded. Yet he is keen to put into perspective our knowledge of how the brain functions: “Human beings are more than just their brains. Your genes only determine your potential. You can help children, teenagers, adults and the elderly achieve far more by teaching them how to deal effectively with what life has given them. Take our Olympic gold medallist Ranomi Kromowidjojo. She has the ideal build for a swimming champion, but she would never have become one if she hadn’t had swimming lessons at school, followed by years of training and support from those around her, and if no one had taught her how to handle defeat.”

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