VU Start Contribution 2018

Startpremie 2017

The VU Amsterdam Start Contribution is an individually tailored fund. Its purpose is to attract international researchers to VU Amsterdam and, with the Start Contribution, provide them with a solid basis for their work at the university.
‘International’ is taken to mean the following:
-  Candidates with a non-Dutch nationality;
-  Candidates with a Dutch nationality who have pursued a career abroad for considerable time.
Eligible candidates are those who will commence their employment with VU Amsterdam between October 2017 to April 2018.

Candidates may only be nominated by the deans of VU Amsterdam. Researchers cannot submit a request themselves. VUmc is excluded from participation, ACTA will receive a 50% subsidy.

Receiving subsidy
Each laureate of the VU Amsterdam Start Contribution will receive €30.000.This subsidy can be spent at the recipient’s discretion, for example on investments like on infrastructure and databases, appointing assistants and to follow courses.
The contribution will be paid in one instalment.

The deadline to nominate candidates is Monday February 26 2018.