NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme

Winners of the Innovative Research Incentives Scheme 2000-2001


emptyKjeld Eikema is researching attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules and fundamental physics in atoms, with the help of intense, ultrafast frequency comb lasers.FOS2000
emptyemptyReyer Gerlagh is researching international dimensions of environmental policy, climate economics and concepts of sustainability, natural resources and economic growth.
emptyMarcel van der Heijden is researching the influence of three of the most important groups of micro-organisms on plant diversity and the ecosystem.
Fred van Lieburg is researching the history of religion in the Netherlands from the 16th-century Reformation until the compartmentalization of society in the late 19th century.ARTS2000
emptyWhat preferences, beliefs, music and hobbies does an individual acquire during the course of his existence? Sander Koole is researching this so-called internalization process.FPE2000
emptyGijs Wuite is researching the physics of DNA protein interactions and biomechanical characteristics of viral capsids and cells.FOS2000
emptyHans Renssen is researching escaping methane that is said to be worsening the greenhouse effect and changing ocean currents.FELS2000
emptyBarbara Bakker is analysing differential equations: quantitative insights into the adaptive responses of intracellular networks.FELS2001
August den Hollander is researching the life of Jesus. The origin, dissemination and reception of a Middle Ages text tradition in western Europe.TH 2001 
J. Försteris researching the motivation-cognition interface (the conversion of information): how do needs and objectives influence what we think?FPE2001
Johan de Winter is researching the function of the Fanconi anemia pathway (maintains genomic stability cell repetition).VUmc 2001