The VU Amsterdam Desmond Tutu chair of Youth, Sport and Reconciliation will be occupied by five professors from different faculties for a period of five years.

WhoProfessorFacultyInaugural lecture
Stephen-EllisStephen Ellis will concentrate on the socio-scientific aspects.FSS23-09-2009
Geert-SavelberghGeert Savelsbergh will concentrate on the sport-scientific aspects.FHMS30-09-2009
Eddy-Van-der-Borght Eddy Van der Borght will concentrate on the religious aspects.  TH 07-10-2009 
Chris-ElbersChris Elbers will concentrate on the fight against poverty and development.FEWEBempty14-10-2009
Marceline-van-FurthMarceline van Furth will concentrate on the treatment of children in South-Africa suffering from tuberculosis meningitis.VUmc 28-01-2010