Eddy Van der Borght

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Teaching and research

Professor Eddy Van der Borght studied German philosophy in Leuven and protestant theology in Brussels. He obtained his PhD at Leiden University, and since 2002 has been working at the Faculty of Theology at VU Amsterdam. His research concentrates on aspects of systematic theology and ecumenical research.

Inaugural lecture

Eddy Van der Borght’s research in the Desmond Tutu Programme will concentrate on the identity of religious communities in relation to their capacity for reconciliation and conflict in South Africa. Religious communities form a challenging opportunity for case studies based on the themes of religious communities, identity and reconciliation and their role during and after the period of apartheid.

In his lecture, titled “Sunday Morning – The Most Segregated Hour: On racial reconciliation as unfinished business for theology in South Africa and beyond”, Prof. Van der Borght argues that race is still a major factor in both South African society and in religious practice in South Africa. From the perspective of Christian theology it is surprising that a belief system in which the unity of the church is seen as the expression of the faith in one God cannot overcome the differences between groups of people.