Chris Elbers

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Image: Chris Elbers is on the extreme right of the picture

Teaching and research

Professor Chris Elbers studied econometrics and mathematical economics at the University of Amsterdam, and obtained his Master’s at VU Amsterdam. Since 1984, he has been a member of the Development Research Group in the VU economics department. His most important research activities are in the field of poverty measurements and effect evaluation.

Inaugural lecture

Chris Elbers’s research activities in the Desmond Tutu Programme will cover poverty and anti-poverty programmes at the micro level of individuals and households, paying particular attention to opportunities for young people. This could entail both contributions to poverty measurements and evaluations of possible inequalities of the effects of anti-poverty programmes.

In “Op zoek naar de juiste maat” (Looking for the right measure) Prof. Elbers emphasises the need for sound empirical research in development economics and related policy recommendations. Too often, policy is made based on largely theoretical assumptions, whereas empirical research should not be omitted.