There are two paths towards a PhD degree at Vrije Universiteit. Prospective candidates may choose to apply for a pre-funded position with a predefined research topic which are listed as scientific vacancies or they may create their own research topic and independently seek the research funds necessary to cover the costs of the PhD programme.

If a candidate already has a topic in mind for a PhD research and is considering pursuing it at Vrije Universiteit, the first step is to identify two supervisors. Vrije Universiteit hosts many excellent scientists and inspiring lecturers across a wide range of research fields. Once supervisors agree to supervise your doctoral position, the next step is to apply for funding. The most common scholarships for PhD programmes are:

It is also possible to finance a PhD programme through privately or otherwise acquired funds. Once adequate funding is secured, a PhD candidate, with the support of her or his supervisors, applies for admission to the Ph.D programme of his or her choice. If successful, the candidate is employed by the faculty in question for the duration of the programme.

If you have a clear idea of the PhD research topic that you would like to address, but do not have a specific supervisors in mind, you can send an inquiry form to the faculty of your interest. The faculty will then contact you to discuss possibilities of applying for a PhD programme.