Hora Finita

About Hora Finita

Hora Finita is the registration system for PhD students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. All processes related to the PhD trajectory, from the admission to the trajectory to the submission of the dissertation, run through this system.
On this page you will find manuals, frequently asked questions and Faculty, Graduate School or Research Institute contacts for any questions about Hora Finita.

Log in

Go to horafinita.vu.nl and then click the button 'login with VUnetID'.

If you do not have a VU-net ID, use the login name and password sent to you once admission to the PhD programme has been granted.




There may be several reasons for this. Please report this to the Hora Finita contact for your faculty, Graduate School or Research Institute (see below). Provide your name and VU-net ID, and also report if you do not have a VU-netID (yet).
Your Hora Finita support contact may pass the question on to other support staff.
Go to horafinita.vu.nl and then click on 'login with VUnetID'.

If you are not yet logged in to VUnet, you will be prompted to do so using your VUnet ID and password.

You will then be asked once whether you wish to log in via SurfConext. Choose 'Yes' and Hora Finita will check if you are a user. If this is the case, you will log in automatically. Otherwise, you will not be able to access.

You will receive a notification after your successful registration.
Foreign, non certified diploma's can be validated at the Beadle's Office. A copy will be made and certified for archive purposes.
Certification of (a copy of) a diploma may also be done by an ambassy, any other competent authority or a solicitor/notary.
Dutch Master diploma's can be certified by the University.
The assessment of the knowledge level of a candidate for a PhD is a responsability of the Faculty, with the Dean as the ultimate responsible person.
If an extra document, such as a CV or a letter from the promoter, needs to be added to the registration, this can be done in Hora Finita.
It is possible to deviate from the 'standard'. Three promoters and/or co-promoters can therefore be registered in Hora Finita. The Dean must ultimately give his permission.
Any variation of a joint/double degree can be recorded during the registration, together with a number of basic data. If there is already an agreement, it can be attached (uploaded). If such an agreement comes later, the Hora Finita contact person of the Faculty or Graduate School can add it to the file. 
A paper version must be kept.
The individual courses are registered and approved in Hora Finita. This records the number of ECs achieved.
You can add a certificate to the file if you want.
Hora Finita follows the PhD regulations. This means that all individual reactions, including rejections, are transparent for the chairperson of the Doctoral Examination Committee. The chairman may contact the committee member for further clarification if necessary.
The chairman ultimately gives the 'final verdict', which is then passed on to the Dean for approval. The individual assessments are transparent for the dean. He therefore makes the real final decision to admit a PhD candidate to the PhD conferral.

Faculty contacts for Hora Finita support

ACTA / Dentistry
Behavioural & Movement Sciences
VUmc / Medical Sciences
Henk BrandFaculty secretariat
Khadija Asafiati-Bakkali (VUmc)  
Martijn van SteenbergenGraduate School FGB
Ellen Dijkstra (VUmc)

Amsterdam Cardiovascular Science
Isabelle Vergroesen
Maaike Croes (faculty secretariat)Liesbeth GeudekeAmsterdam Gastroenterology & Metabolism
Athena InstitutePaola Edixhoven (faculty secretariat)Eva Dirkx-Beuling
Ellen Hand-De Boo
Amsterdam Infection & Immunity
Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Science
Social Sciences
Yvonne Duiker
Anna Kuczynski
Saskia JansAmsterdam Movement Sciences
Laura van Zwieten
Alexandra FiliusSolveig Lund
Computer ScienceMieke Noordam (faculty secretariat)Amsterdam Neuroscience
Mojca Lovrencak
Thea Laan
Caroline WaijLawAmsterdam Public Health
Earth SciencesJoost MeijerEvelien de Boer
Fenny BosseAnniek van der SchuijtEvelien Bos
Ecological ScienceRuth Zeelenberg (faculty secretariat)Amsterdam Reproduction & Development
emptyTanja Elzer
Callista Mulder
Environment & HealthReligion & TheologyCancer Center Amsterdam
Caroline de GraafEva van UrkGitta Kuipers
Health SciencesIngrid le Duc
emptyHeleen HeijsteeMirjam de Leeuw (faculty secretariat)
Institute for Environmental Studies

Marjolijn StaarinkSchool of Business & Economics
MathematicsMaaike Bekelaar-de Haan (faculty secretariat)
Mariëlle van der AaIna Putter
Molecular Cell Biology

Jeannet Wijker

Jacqueline Cransberg


Els Borghols

Anna du Pree

Physics & Astronomy / Laserlab

Regine Anmuth