Research assessment reports

Below you can find a list of the latest external quality assessment reports for each discipline:

Discipline Publication year 
Pdf logo ACTA (Dentistry)2014
 Communication sciences2014
 Organization studies2014
 Public Administration2014
 Political science2014
Pdf logo Theology2013 
 ICaR-VU 2013
 Pedagogics and Education science2013
Pdf logo Psychology2012
Pdf logo Life Sciences2012 
Pdf logo Physics2012
Pdf logo Chemistry 2011 
Pdf logo EMGO+2011 
Pdf logo Law2010
Pdf logo Mathematics2010 
Pdf logo Computer Science2010
Pdf logo University Teacher Training Programmes (CETAR)2010
Pdf logo Earth Sciences2009
Pdf logo Economics 2009
Pdf logo CCA/V-ICI2009
Pdf logo Human Movement Sciences (including MOVE)2007 
Pdf logo Environmental Sciences (including SENSE)2007