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ABRI Education

ABRI aims to create an environment to create research excellence amongst students and participating professors. Therefor, we organise extensive graduate education in business performance and management of professional and financial services.

In 2009 the Amsterdam Business Research Institute was set up as an initiative of the School of Business & Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In September 2009 ABRI started a 4 year full-time PhD programme in Business and Organisation. After a successful year, ABRI expanded its collaboration with the VU Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW) and the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), in order to continue to deliver excellent teaching and research. 

We are proud to offer, as part of our PhD Programme, a Research Master programme in Business in Society (2 years), that can also be accessed by current MSc students with an interest in an academic career.

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ABRI Graduate Education

  • PhD in Business Administration

    If you want to pursue a PhD in business administration, ABRI offers a number of tracks where the focus is not only on excellent research but also on academic career development. Read more about the programme here.

  • Part-time PhD in Business

    ABRI offers a part-time PhD programme for management practitioners. This programme supports executives and management professionals with a relevant background in conducting PhD-level research, and facilitates them in matching their professional experience with excellent academic insights.

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  • Executive Education

    Professionals who want to accelerate their career and immerse themselves on an academic level in management, organizational behavior, data analytics and more can follow part-time courses at VU School of Business and Economics Executive Education.

    View alle training programmes 

  • PhD courses

    Find all PhD courses offered by ABRI. 

We would love to hear from you

For general enquiries about ABRI courses, registrations and any other general questions, please contact Mariana Stori via:

For research enquiries and applying for ABRI PhD positions, please contact Ina Putter

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  • Philipp Tuertscher
  • Scientific Director ABRI
  • Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation KIN Center for Digital Innovation
Philipp Tuertscher
Maria Tims