Opening a bank account

You will need to open a bank account in order to arrange your day-to-day finances in the Netherlands. Especially for Non-EU students and students who find a small job in the Netherlands it is recommended to open a bank account.

ABN Amro

You've made a great choice by deciding to study in the Netherlands. And while you're busy settling into your new course and new life, the last thing you'll want to worry about is your finances. That's why ABN AMRO Bank will be at the Introduction days on August 22nd & 23rd. The bank advisors will be able to answer any questions you might have and will even be able to provide you with a bank account and/or student insurance on the spot!

Ready to become a customer of ABN AMRO? Then please request the account application forms by sending an email at This will certainly speed up the process and we will make sure that everything will be ready when we see you!

If you would rather arrange your new bank account when you arrive at the airport and skip the queues at the Introduction days, then please feel free to stop by the ABN AMRO office at Schiphol Plaza. The bank advisors will be able to assist you 7 days a week from 07:00 until 22:00. Should you wish to arrange this at the airport, please make sure to send an e-mail to the address mentioned above.