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Single sign-on at Openresearch amsterdam

6 February 2023
The implementation of SSO software now allows VU employees to have direct access to's knowledge and research network. This development is the result of a collaboration between VU and the City of Amsterdam. is a digital platform for research, knowledge and innovation in and around Amsterdam. Researchers from universities, colleges, the municipality and other knowledge organisations publish relevant articles on the platform. The platform links these studies in a network, making relationships between them visible. It thus stimulates interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and cooperation, which are essential for solving metropolitan issues, and contributes to the validation and valorisation of our shared knowledge.

Sharing knowledge, collaborating and connecting
Openresearch offers a wide range of research studies on various topics. This is generated daily by 'editors' who share their work on behalf of their institution, project group or organisation. Editors work at various city council boards, faculties and research institutes or other knowledge-intensive organisations, such as Waternet, the Transport Region or the Province of North Holland.

On Openresearch, you can easily find publications that are relevant to you and you can immediately see who else is working on the same themes in the city. The structure of the platform provides you with a new perspective every time. Openresearch allows you to find other researchers and offers the opportunity to publish your own research, so other researchers can find you and use your work.

The platform also offers the possibility to collaborate in project spaces with people working at different organisations. This allows external people, such as companies or researchers from other cities, to participate in a project group. This project space is made visible only to its members. The central editor and administrator of the platform, the Chief Science Office of the Municipality of Amsterdam, will be happy to get in touch with you to tell you more about it. For more information, contact us at 

Dare to share!
Would you like to join the knowledge network of over 200 editors? Or collaborate on the platform and share your knowledge with the city? Follow an editor training course! Sign up at