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VU Green Office manager at Hello Zuidas newspaper

24 May 2022
VU Green Office manager and student Hannah Bailon gives an interview to Hello Zuidas.

ASI works together with the Green Office VU in the Green Action Lab, where students and research projects match and unite forces for challenges at the VU campus and beyond.

Let's meet Green Office manager...

Native Filipino and English-speaker Hannah Bailon is doing a master’s degree at VU Amsterdam. She also has a job as student manager of the VU Green Office, a sustainability platform for students. Hannah told us how she likes life as a VU student and what brought her to the Netherlands.

“Back when I was looking at universities, I applied to two different ones: the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. I wound up choosing VU Amsterdam because they offered me a grant. Students feel welcome at VU, not like just a number. If I want to research something new, there’s always someone willing to support me and help me along. In my case, by connecting me with the Red Cross. I’ve been working there for a year now, because I can utilize my skills and do research there. VU Amsterdam has helped me to advance, be heard and represent my people and country.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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