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These are the nominees for the FSS Research Awards 2021

10 January 2022
Every year, the Faculty of Social Sciences grants three research awards: a masterthesis award, a dissertation award and a research award. The winners will be announced on January 21, after the Talma Lecture. These are the nominees of this year.

Nominations FSS Research Award (senior) 2021

The FSS Research Award aims to bring the most appealing, promising and original research achievements into the spotlight. Each academic department of the FSS may nominate one candidate. This year the FSS Research Award will be granted to a senior research talent. Next year the award will be granted to a junior research talent.

Wouter van Atteveldt (Communication Science)

Alfons van Marrewijk (Organization Sciences)

Irene Stengs (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Theo van Tilburg (Sociology)

Wolfgang Wagner (Political Science and Public Administration)

On the FSS Grants and Awards page, you can find more information about the research topics of the nominees.

Nominations FSS Dissertation Award 2021

The FSS Dissertation Award seeks to increase the high quality of empirical research in the broad field of social sciences. The granting of the FSS Dissertation Award is open to all FSS former PhD students that defended their dissertation in the past two years at the faculty. Each academic department of the FSS may annually nominate one candidate.

Ludo Glimmerveen (Organization Sciences)
Citizen Participation: Bargaining over boundaries in the organization of care services

Jesse Jonkman (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
Underground Politics: Socio-Territorial Relations, Citizenship, and State Formation in Gold-Mining Regions in Chocó, Colombia [fully embargoed dissertation]

Margo van Kemenade (Communication Science)
Moral Concerns of Caregivers about Social Robots in Eldercare

Lucille Mattijssen (Sociology)
Non-standard Employment: Prospect or Precarity?

Biejan Poor Toulabi (Political Science and Public Administration)
The Myth of the Poor Man's Atomic Bomb and the Politics of Proliferation: Knowledge, Method, and Ideology in the Study of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons

On the FSS Grants and Awards page, you can find more information about the dissertations of the nominees.

Nominations Johannes van der Zouwen Masterthesis Award 2021

The Johannes van der Zouwen Masterthesis Award is the prize for the best master's thesis in the field of social science research. The master thesis has to be graded with a minimum of 8 and has to be completed and graded a maximum of 1 year before the submission date. Each master programme of FSS may nominate a thesis.

Marie de Vries (Public Administration)
Mensen die namens dieren spreken - Een onderzoek naar morele dilemma’s die handhavers van dierenwelzijn ervaren en de eventuele invloed van het antropocentrisme hierop

Manon Brabander (Policy, Communication and Organization)       
Het belang van onderlinge relaties: Een mixed-method onderzoek naar de invloed van onderlinge relaties met collega’s van binnen en buiten het team op voice behavior van medewerkers

Danique Pach (Communication Sciences)
The effect of AI deepfake videos on message credibility. A study about the causality between deepfakes and message credibility, sharing intention and the effect of source credibility and priming

Cato Janssen (Culture, Organization and Management)
Gen(der)erations at work. Working life, career progression, and work-life balance at DAF Trucks Eindhoven

Sietske van der Vliet (Political Science)
Voting with the Heart or with the Head? An Experimental Study on Tactical Voting in Systems of Proportional Representation

Anastasiia Omelianiuk (Social and Cultural Anthropology) 
Making the unconscious conscious. Subjectivities of migrant women from post-Soviet countries in Berlin

Eva M Vaes (Sociology)
Do side jobs during tertiary education pay off? A study of job search duration in the Netherlands

Sam van Grondelle (Societal Resilience)
Caught between good intentions and limiting structures - Organizational programs for newly arrived refugees in the Netherlands the implications for the long term labour integration of refugees

The winners of these awards will be announced on 21 January 2022, after the Talma Lecture. In the Talma lecture, Kees Boersma will introduce and critically discuss novel organizational approaches and innovative uses of data in crisis management and humanitarian response. The event will be held via Zoom. More information on the event and a link can be found here.