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Horizon Europe funding for Elco Koks

14 July 2022
Elco Koks has received 2.5 million euros for his Horizon Europe project proposal: the Multi-hazard Infrastructure Risk Assessment for Climate Adaptation (MIRACA).

Europe’s critical infrastructure (CI) is at risk of failure due to natural hazards and rapid climate change, which can lead to major physical and economic damages. Existing methods for climate risk analysis are not tailored to the complexities of CI: they do not properly account for systems interdependencies, while also still containing key data gaps. Public authorities urgently need tools to pinpoint the risk-prone areas and to develop affordable adaptation strategies to enhance CI resilience.

The mission of the MIRACA project, that lasts four years, is to catalyse and empower the implementation of adaptation measures for CI throughout Europe.

The MIRACA Consortium will develop an evidence-based decision-support toolkit, consisting of (i) a guidance on technical and economic appraisal of adaptation strategies, (ii) a technical workbench and (iii) an online interactive viewer. These will be based on a multi-hazard climate risk assessment framework that employs advanced new methods of data acquisition, which will fill critical gaps in knowledge of the vulnerability and costs of CI. New model capabilities will be developed to fully appraise the benefits for people and businesses of climate-resilient infrastructure systems.