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EASST Award for book on how Making & Doing expands STS

11 July 2022
Teun Zuiderent-Jerak and Gary Downey have received the EASST Amsterdamska Award 2022 for their book ‘Making & Doing: Activating STS through Knowledge Expression and Travel’.

"This recognition is crucially important to affirm the case that our book makes, that the scholarship of STS Making & Doing is indeed just that: scholarship.” – Teun Zuiderent-Jerak

How Making & Doing expands STS
In the awarded (open access) book, Teun and Gary - together with contributors from around the world - present and critically assess 10 Making & Doing projects. Such projects expand Science & Technology Studies (STS) by interweaving emerging forms of knowledge expression and travel with knowledge production. Engagement with real-world challenges allows contributors to learn from their interlocutors and the settings in which they do and share their STS work. They reflect upon their dilemmas, frustrations, and failures, especially when these generate new practices that might not have occurred had their work not taken the form of Making & Doing scholarship. While each project raises a distinct set of scholarly issues, all of the projects include practices that express STS knowledge through “STS sensibilities” and attach those sensibilities to practices in empirical fields.

“I hope that this award will call greater attention to all the scholars who have committed their careers to such work and to the projects they build and enact.” – Gary Downey

EASST is the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. Established in 1981 it is the organization which represents academics and researchers in the fields of Science and Technology Studies. It brings together a variety of disciplines and many of its members have qualifications in both natural science/engineering and social sciences. At the EASST conference 2022 in Madrid, during the plenary session at the 8th of July, the Amsterdamska Award was personally handed to Teun and Gary.

“Teun and Gary orchestrated a remarkable collective achievement, which I believe will be a key moment in defining and elevating a mode of creative and collaborative STS scholarship.” – Torben Elgaard Jensen, Professor in Techno-Anthropology and STS

Award in honour of Olga Amsterdamska and of collective committed scholarship
In honour of Olga Amsterdamska, EASST offers this prize to a significant creative collaboration in an edited book or special issue in the broad field of STS, that through its publication process and the quality of the volume makes a substantive contribution to the field in terms of originality or impact. In considering nominations, value was placed on the quality of the editing; interdisciplinarity; and inclusiveness across career stages. The fact that this book is connected to the widely influential STS Making & Doing program of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), ensures the contribution of this publication moves well beyond the pages of the book.