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Do you read the terms and conditions?

14 April 2022
Free online storage, emailing and social networks. But do you think it's okay that all the data you post online is being sold to make a profit? This is the price you pay. You fill in your personal details, and after a large chunk of text you click on 'agree' and end up on the digital shelf. Any idea what happens to your data?

Pay with your privacy

Online services such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are often free to use. However, in exchange for free access, you give up part of your privacy. For example, the Services may analyze and use your photos, your likes, your location, or the content of your posts for commercial gain. For example, they can personalize advertisements, use your photos in advertising and sell part of your data (whether anonymized or not) to third parties. Sometimes they make use of the general terms and conditions, which you as a user often do not read.


And this doesn't just happen with the free services of the big tech giants that everyone knows. Websites and apps often also track what you do and collect this in, for example, cookies. Consciously choose the services you use and know what you give in return. Are data dealers allowed to know everything about you?

Our Tips

  • Make use of the private browsing option in your browser.
  • Adjust your privacy settings in the service or app. With this, you can often already limit what data they are allowed to use.
  • Read the terms and conditions.

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