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Best practices for reflective science communication

19 May 2022
RETHINK researchers at the Athena Institute share best practices, to help scientists to reflect on their own practice and thereby improve their communication activities.

Reflecting on your own practice
In complex and fast-changing environments, it is essential for science communicators to become reflective practitioners. The RETHINK project has designed reflective practice experiments together with practitioners in their daily science communication activities. They found six virtues for anyone who is concerned with facilitating constructive public conversations about science, to become a reflective practitioner. 

Challenges in a fast-changing environment
Facilitating constructive public conversations about science is not easy. Digitization, politicization and fragmentation of information create numerous challenges. How to navigate difficult interactions with science sceptics online? How to communicate about uncertainty of scientific information, when you want to provide clarity and understandable output? How do you deal with the personal and contextual ways in which citizens make sense of science? Learn all about it with these best practices.