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VU lecturers and students: share your story!

10 September 2021
What has moved you in your contact with your students or teachers in the past 1.5 years? What made you smile? What surprised you in a positive way? What gave you courage and inspiration? What would you as a teacher or student like to share with the VU community of teachers? Write it down!

We want to contribute positively to the VU education culture. All the wonderful things that have happened in the past 1.5 years in the lectures, working groups, tutor groups and all other forms of education deserve a place. Each experience submitted stands for many other experiences within the VU teaching community. VU LEARN! Academy collects the stories and publishes them as a collection. The collection will be published on the website of VU LEARN! Academy website.

What entry can you submit?
It is a short story, an essay, a poem or a letter. Or something in between. The maximum number of words is 1500, there is no minimum.

Which author are we going to put in the spotlight?
We will highlight one story, which will be the first text in the collection. We will pay special attention to the impact of the story on the VU education culture. The author will be awarded eternal fame, a 50 euro book token, and a colourful bunch of flowers.

The selection team
The text is chosen by a team consisting of a UTQ participant, an STQ participant, a LOL participant, a USR member and a trainer of the VU LEARN! Academy. The UTQ, STQ and LOL participants and the USR member are chosen randomly and approached by VU LEARN! Academy. The names of the authors are not known to the selection team.

*The text is about your contact with others in your field of education.
*Your text has a positive tone, and shows emotion, surprise, pride, gratitude, love, courage or inspiration. Or something else beautiful.
*The text contains a maximum of 1500 words.
*You agree to be included in the collection, including your name.
*Your text has not been published before.
*Send your text in Microsoft Word to before 1 November 2021.

You will receive the results before December 1, 2021.