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VU AMSTERDAM’S ROOTS in the heart of Amsterdam

4 June 2021
During the coming Kuyper Week a (Dutch-spoken) podcast entitled ‘VU Amsterdam’s roots in the heart of Amsterdam’ is available. VU Amsterdam’s podcast - with two audio walks - will take you on a journey back in time into the heart of Amsterdam. Back to the end of the nineteenth century. A time in which VU Amsterdam was founded and founder Abraham Kuyper rocked both the city and the church to their core. And back to the Second World War, when VU Amsterdam students and lecturers played an active role in the resistance.

Walk number 1:
Where VU Amsterdam once began – 1870-1900
- A walk with Abraham Kuyper

Follow in the footsteps of Abraham Kuyper, from the moment he moved to Amsterdam until his final departure from the city. Walk past the buildings in the city centre on which he left his mark and where he founded VU Amsterdam.
The route begins at Keizersgracht 72 and ends at the Keizersgrachtchurch, Keizersgracht 566.

Walk number 2:
In resistance and in trust
- VU Amsterdam in the Second World War

This audio walk takes you to the places and buildings where the people of VU Amsterdam left a mark during the Second World War. From the students who joined the resistance through their professors to the people living in hiding from the Nazis in the university lab. And to a few lecturers who sympathized with the Germans.
The route begins at Kerkstraat 109-111 and ends at Vossiusstraat 56.

The walking guide and map that go with the audio walks can be found here

You can also download just the maps: Where VU Amsterdam once began and In resistance and in trust.

Download the podcast here:

More about the events during Kuyper Week and about the podcast (under daily) can be found here.