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Update Educational Vision VU

8 July 2021
On 6 July 2021, the Executive Board adopted an update of the educational vision of VU. This educational vision builds on the previous one: the core values ‘open’, ‘personal’ and ‘responsible’ are central to it.

In the new vision, a design principle on activating blended education has been added: "The education is activating. This is achieved through innovative didactics that activate students, whereby we strive for optimal integration of on campus and digital forms of education (personal)." In addition, the vision pays attention to the new themes from the VU strategy: sustainable and enterprising. The elaboration of recurring themes such as academic citizenship, the academic community and the connection with society are unchanged.

The vision is meant to inspire and give direction to VU education. Since Covid-19, we provide our education largely online. This brings, besides many challenges, also opportunities. As VU, we want to seize the opportunity to preserve the good things of online education and start a transformation to activating blended education. This was the reason for reviewing the educational vision of VU.

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