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Universities of Netherlands present Lifelong Learning platform

23 November 2021
From business administrator to engineer and from communication professional to agronomist. Whether you want to improve the world or your chances on the labour market, you can continue to develop your skills at the university throughout life. The universities of the Netherlands are launching at 23 November the new online platform

Pieter Duisenberg, president of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands: ‘Our working lives and the labour market have changed dramatically. People are increasingly aware of the importance of continuing to develop their skills.’ Like the education providers at senior secondary vocational and higher professional education level, we are setting up a broad range for this purpose. We are launching this new online platform to make our existing online courses more visible to those who wish to continue learning at the university.

More than 1400 educations, courses and trainings
The fourteen universities are currently offering 1423 modules on the online platform, with huge variety in terms of content, length and structure. You can find workshops of a few days such as Sturen en leidinggeven vanuit vertrouwen, but also the eight-day course Sport en recht, or a part-time Master of Science in Business Administration (Business Administration).

The range of courses on the online platform changes all the time. In consultation with companies and civil society organisations, new modules are constantly being developed in line with the developments on the labour market. Offering Lifelong Learning at universities also creates another interaction with society: participants in training programs transfer practical insights to academic teachers.