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"We as a university have to show leadership and take action!"

24 September 2021
The first event of the SDG academy was a success – with over 120 attendants, climate expert Bart van den Hurk, ASI director Philipp Pattberg, Tessa Dool from the Jonge Klimaatbeweging and Ivar Maas, lead sustainability at the VU talked about the latest IPCC report and its implications.

"Climate is speaking for itself. It is already showing the changes it is undergoing. Climate change is not only on paper anymore, but people can sense it", said Bart van den Hurk.

Ivar Maas stated that “we should equip our students with the tools and knowledge to combat these issues appropriately and actively. And we as a university have to show leadership and take action”. 

Tessa Mool, board member at the Jonge Klimaatbeweging, pointed out that the younger generation is becoming more aware of the changes that need to happen and at the same time more frustrated. “So little is happening, even though we are becoming so vocal about the problem”. 

Philipp Pattberg, director of the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute and professor for transnational governance and policy, wonders why “we know so much and do so little” and encourages institutions like the VU Amsterdam to be more daring with their climate goals.

The take home messages are clear: Every ton counts, every degree counts. But we can still choose. And the earlier we start with reducing emissions, the lower the warming will be.

This events marked the kick off for our new SDG Academy that highlights each of the 17 SDGs. We have teamed up with Active8 Planet, an Erasmus+-funded programme that empowers students towards future-oriented sustainability actions and transforms the university research and knowledge in planet-centred interventions.

The next SDG Academy is planned for late October, sign up below for the latest updates.

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