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Results NSE 2021: Students positive about education at SBE

24 June 2021
On 23 June, the results of the National Student Survey 2021 (NSE) were published by Studiekeuze123. The NSE gives students the opportunity to assess their study programme on many education-related themes.

SBE students rate their faculty with a score of 3.87 (out of 5). They are satisfied with the content (3.82) but also with the involvement and contact within the faculty (3.86). Students are also happy with the topic of equal treatment (3.92). This rating is also reflected in the rating per programme. In addition, SBE students assess academic skills with a score of 3.89. The overall programme assessment is highest for the master's in Finance. Students appreciate this programme with a 4.19. This is followed by the masters Digital Business and Innovation (4.17), Marketing (4.17) and Econometrics and Operations Research (4.08).

Themes per programme
In addition to a general assessment, each programme received a rating per theme. The themes of content, involvement, academic skills, and equal treatment are rated well within each programme. Within the master Marketing the equal treatment was even assessed with a 4.25. Jaap Boter, programme director of Marketing: “Understanding diversity is a core philosophy in Marketing. You can only deliver value if you understand the diversity in customers. Marketing is also about leveraging different perspectives in multifunctional teams for insights. Only then can you see more. We therefore deliberately focus on a heterogeneous, international intake; on mixed teams solving a real-life case in every course; and on various forms of peer feedback and reflection as educational tools for understanding.”

Academic skills are rated highest by students within the Econometrics and Operations Research master's programme with a 4.02, but the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics and Economics masters also score well on this theme. Hans Koster, programme director of Spatial, Transport & Environmental Economics: "In the Master Spatial, Transport & Environmental Economics we devote considerable attention to the development of skills that enable students to quantitatively evaluate economic policies and study societal problems, despite students coming from very different methodological backgrounds. The results of the recent NSE indeed show that this is appreciated by the students." 

The content of the education and the involvement are also praised within all SBE-programmes. The master's in Econometrics and Operations Research is also remarkably well assessed on the aspect of study guidance with a 4.24. Master Marketing students are above average satisfied with their teachers. They rate their lecturers with a 4.23.

Executive Education
Within the post-initial master programmes the Executive Master Finance & Control is assessed the highest with a 4,29. Followed closely by the Master Business Administration with a score of 4.11. Again, within each programme, academic skills and equal treatment are mostly rated well. Satisfaction with the content and the lecturers is also reflected here.