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National Education Plan in Corona Time

8 July 2021
On 21 May, the administrative agreements for education and research were adopted as part of the National Education Programme. This programme contains a series of measures for all sectors of education to cope with the mid- and long-term effects of the corona pandemic and to offer prospects for the years to come.

Funds are also provided for scientific education and research. Part of it is aimed at the students themselves and another part at the knowledge institutions. The goal of the programme for higher education is to largely reduce the delays by the end of 2022.

Vrije Universiteit comes up with two plans, one for education focussing on topics such as student guidance and internship delays and one for research. Separate administrative agreements have been drawn up for education and research. For these plans, we have about 13 million available for 2021 and 2022.

For each measure, we make separate first drafts. For example, student guidance is in the hands of Student and Educational Affairs and internship delays are within Medicine and Dentistry. In addition, the teacher training institutes make a plan that focuses on their own students, but also considers the wishes of secondary education. Administration, in cooperation with Human Resource Management, is in the lead for the research plan.

The draft plans will be ready in early June, when they will be discussed with the relevant bodies and the employee participation body. We expect to have definitive plans around mid-September. Some haste is required because a large part of the budget still has to be spent in 2021.

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