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Managing AI wisely

29 September 2021
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly being introduced into the workplace, sparking debate about what AI means for our work and our organisations. The book 'Managing AI Wiseley - From Development to Organizational Change in Practice' counters provocative headlines by using in-depth case studies of eight organisations' experiences in implementing AI.

News articles writing about AI often paint doomsday scenarios or just scenarios of huge tech companies. Smaller and more traditional organisations therefore have no idea what AI can do for them and how they can use it. The book: Managing AI Wiseley - From development to organizational change in practice, by Lauren WaardenburgMarleen HuysmanMarlous Agterberg, answers these questions precisely by taking a look behind the scenes at eight different organisations with AI experiences. The Dutch-language book was published last year, but on 8 October, the English-language version will also be published.

Challenges for implementation
The book describes four challenges that are important for implementing AI. Organising before data - the central building block of AI to ensure that data and algorithms match work processes. Testing and validation - does it do what it is supposed to do? What are the consequences for people, organisations and society? The bridge function - translating AI outcomes into interpretable outcomes for the organisation. Changes in work - what happens to the existing work, how has the content changed? The four challenges also show that managers play a key role in implementing AI. This is also further explored in the book.

For whom?
The book is useful for managers in organisations who want to introduce AI, have just done so or want to learn how they can improve processes. It is also interesting for developers of AI and users who have to deal with it in their work. The English version of this management book will be published on 8th October 2021: