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Lieneke Slingenberg appointed Professor Migrants and Rule of Law

14 December 2021
The Executive Board appoints Lieneke Slingenberg as Professor of Migrants and the Rule of Law in the University Research Chair programme at the Faculty of Law, effective 1 January 2022.

With the URC programme, VU Amsterdam recognises outstanding scientists who are regarded as future leaders in their field. VU congratulates Lieneke Slingenberg and is very pleased with her appointment to the University Research Chair.

Slingenberg will hold the URC Chair in Migrants and the Rule of Law. This chair focuses not so much on the admission and expulsion of foreign nationals, but rather on the regulation of migrants' lives. The focus is on the way in which the law is used to shape the lives of migrants ('Rule by law'), and on the way in which the law limits government power in relation to migrants ('Rule of law'). Slingenberg: "I will be focusing on issues such as the relationship between immigration law and, for example, social law and general constitutional and administrative law, and which theoretical notions are considered relevant to the legal position of migrants (such as vulnerability and non-dominance)."

Law in Action
Due to the strong connection between science on the one hand and the social relevance of this specific research area on the other, the research within the chair fits well with the focus on Law in Action at the Faculty of Law. Slingenberg's research takes place within the Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law (ACMRL). 

Slingenberg's research focuses on the rights of illegal migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. In 2012 she received her PhD from VU Amsterdam with the thesis: Between Sovereignty and Equality. The Reception of Asylum Seekers under International Law. In 2017 she received an individual fellowship from NIAS-KNAW for research on European case law in the field of social rights for migrants. In the following year, she received a Veni for her research project 'Human Rights Law, Non-Domination and Spatial Restrictions for Refugees'. From 2015 to 2021, Slingenberg was head of the Migration Law department.