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Jacob de boer about graphite rains

15 September 2021
After studying the RIVM report on the dust in the IJmond region, according to Professor Jacob de Boer, it is not two to twelve, but rather two past twelve.

Since about two years ago graphite rains were coming down on the village of Wijk aan Zee, more information on the pollution caused by Tata Steel appears regularly. On one hand there is the CO2 problem, with Tata as the largest CO2 emitter in the Netherlands. On the other hand, there are daily very serious emissions of lead, other trace metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Lead is causing neurotoxic effects and loss of intelligence, especially with children. PAHs can cause cancer. In addition there is the dust problem, with effects on the respiratory system. The Dutch Parliament will discuss and decide on measurements to improve the situation in the near future in the week of 13 September.

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