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Freek van Ede wins NVP Early Career Award 2021

23 December 2021
VU researcher Freek van Ede receives the award from the NVP (Nederlandse Vereniging Psychonomie) for his innovative research in the field of cognitive psychology, specifically for his studies of attention and working memory. Van Ede will receive the prize at the 18th NVP Winter Conference, which will take place from 28 to 30 April 2022.

Preparing for Future Behavior

Van Ede is a cognitive neuroscientist who studies how the human brain prepares for upcoming behavior. How we select, prioritize and translate sensory information into targeted action. Van Ede: "I see and advocate the perspective of the brain as a dynamic, anticipatory action organ in which the core cognitive constructions of 'attention' and 'working memory' are central."

Doing so, he looks beyond conventional approaches, creating innovative laboratory tasks and analyses approaches to track these core cognitive processes, and their interrelated nature - in time. Currently, van Ede and his team are working on the central question of how information is held in working memory and prioritized for future behavioral goals.


Van Ede has been working at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) since July 2020, where he received an ERC Starting Grant "MEMTICIPATION" (aimed at integrating research into “working memory” and “anticipation” - working memory and anticipation). Earlier in 2021 he already won the Rising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Society (APS). Van Ede obtained his doctorate in 2014 from Radboud University Nijmegen, and subsequently spent five years doing research at the University of Oxford, as a post-doc at the Oxford Center for Human Brain Activity.

NVP Early Career Award

The Early Career Award is given once every two years to one researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience who works in the Netherlands and who obtained his PhD no more than 8 years ago. The NVP is now fully known as NVP Dutch Society for Brain and Cognition.